Chapter 12: Tile Set template type?

This is concerning the instructions in chapter 12. In the current version of Xcode when you make a new tile set, you are asked to choose a Tile Set template. Which type are we supposed to choose? It’s not in the current version of the book.


Apple have outdone themselves here! I love it.

On page 311 under Creating a tile set, you’ll find the types of tiles you can have. Or have a look at this tutorial: and scroll down to types of tile maps.

There are pics of Isometric and Hexagonal, and a grid type is the one used in Pest Control and Rubber Ducky Rescue.

But I love that Apple have put sample tiles in there. If you create a Grid Tile set, and have a look at the Water tiles, it’s even animated.

Apple add the images used in the tile set to Assets.xcassets. So it’s what we do in the tutorial and book.

If you want to follow along with the book, create an Empty Tile Set, but I would encourage you to look at Apple’s defaults which are complete with artwork.

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