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Chapter 12, API errors are not handled correctly. I guess!

The current implementation of ModelConverter.decodeJson() in Chapter 12 uses the following trick to catch API errors, assuming that response.isSuccessful is true

if (jsonMap['status'] != null) {
  return response.copyWith(
   body: Faileur(Exception(jsonMap)) as BodyType,

But actually, when we send invalid request, for example with wrong api_key, the response body is indeed as assumed jsonMap['status'] != null but with status_code: 401 and response.isSuccessful = false, thus the response is not intercepted by our ModelConverter but by the errorConverter which we don’t use, and also the implementation of _buildRecipeLoader doesn’t handle that case.

Thanks for reporting this.
It’s been fixed and will be released soon in an upcoming release.

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Actually I did check the updated code here GitHub - raywenderlich/flta-materials at Chapter-12-update but the bug seemed to be there so I thought I should report it.