Chapter 11 Tessellation - load and tesselate a custom loaded object

Hello Caroline and all Metal by Example authors,

Thanks for such a high quality tutorial on Metal! This is much needed for Apple CG community! : )

On the example, the terrain plane was created programatically on code.
I would like to apply the tessellation on an OBJ that I loaded into Xcode. How can I do that?


Hi Alex

Thank you for your kind words :blush: !

I’ve not succeeded in getting a model that I’ve made myself to go through tessellation. You need to provide patch control points and not vertices, and I haven’t been able to do that.

Warren Moore has done a teapot. The teapot is the original Utah teapot with Bezier control points:

Hello, Caroline , I just try this demo you show, but I can run it successfully.

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