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Chapter 10 issue with the SpringNode


So i’ve been following the tutorials so far, and I’m nearly done with Chapter 10 (Adding levels 2 and 3 to CatNap).

I’ve had an issue with the spring, for some reason whenever I generate the impulse from it, it forces my cat to flip and rotate, instantly causing the lose() function to call. I’ve tried comparing it endlessly with the sample projects and cannot seem to figure out the issue. I’m not sure what information I can really give that might help with solving the problem. I made sure that the SpringNode.swift files are exactly the same, and that the properties of the SpringNode are the same as well.

I’ve tried changing the point from which the impulse is generated, but that hasn’t changed anything. It appears right now like the impulse is released from the top left corner of the SpringNode, even when I force it to change to the top right corner, the same thing ends up happening as if nothing has changed.

Are there any possible suggestions as to why this is happening?

@theraad Do you still have issues with this?

Yes, still happening.

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