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Chapter 1: Using Finder in GitHub

In Chapter 1, Pg 22, under Adding custom assets, it says:
“Using Finder, locate
In past RW Books, when I “downloaded materials”, I would put them in Finder, but the new regime sends me to a GitHub page. (I am concurrently doing Git Apprentice, so maybe I should finish that book before this one). So, in Finder I only have the new TinyToyTank Project created in Chapter 1, but none of the other supporting files. I can search for them and see them on the GitHub page, but not thru Finder, and I cannot see how to drag and drop the desired file into the Xcode project. Let me know the best way to approach doing this book, using GitHub or how to “Download Files” into Finder.
It would be nice to have had a “Welcome to the New RW Regime - Here’s how to use it coming from the old system” article. Thanks ahead of time.

Hi @billcod, you can download the materials from Github by pressing the green “Code” button then tapping on Download Zip. After that you should be able to view the materials on your computer.


Gina - Thank you thank you, thank you!! I just could not figure it out. This looks normal again. Yay!