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Chaper 6 - Installing Keras


Chapter 4 does not have instruction on how to install Keras. It instructs on how to install Turicreate and other dependencies. It mentions Keras and Tensorflow only.

Does Keras needs Tensorflow as a backend to be installed in order to follow this chapter?

Does it make any difference using pip or conda to install Keras?

What is the terminal command to install Keras 2.2.0?

Thank you!!!


It does sometimes make a difference if you use pip or conda, because conda often includes specific builds meant to work well with other conda packages. (For example, some of their packages are optimized to work well with Intel hardware.)

With the appropriate environment active, you can install a specific version of Keras with a command like this:

conda install keras=2.2.0

That should install the TensorFlow backend for you, too. But if you have access to an Nvidia GPU, you can also install this to take advantage of it:

conda install tensorflow-gpu

I hope that helps!


Thank you for the information!!!