Chaper 24: Sections in VIewController or ViewModel

My question is probably a philosophical question.
In QuickTodo project, section definition (number of sections and data contained) is within ViewModel class.
In the sectionedItems method, ViewModel class filters due tasks and done tasks and also creates two different sections.
In the project I’m working on, and for which I’m inspiring to your book, I discussed with a colleague about where to define the sections, and our conclusion is that the sections are a ‘VIEW’ concept and therefore need to be defined in ViewController class.
ViewModel only returns data, possibly also filtered (due tasks and done tasks), but data visualization in one or more sections is a ‘ViewController’ responsibility.

In our view model classes there is no import of RxDataSources.

It’s possible to view things this way, although I tend to organize the logical production and grouping of items to be displayed at the ViewModel level, then leave it to the ViewController for rendering.

Although there’s a murky area just in between when you can say that the data presentation is left to the ViewController, this also sounds fine. Filtering should be done in the ViewModel though.