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Chap 7 : Exit animation - Walk instead of running

Hi everyone,

I was working on chapter 7, on the exit animation (p.284-287) and I can’t figure out why the running animation does not want to play. Instead, I have the hero who starts walking very quickly towards the exit. I tried to re-read the code, to compare it with the one provided but I do not see where the error is. And I don’t want to copy the scripts provided because I filled mine with a lot of comments to help me better understand it quickly in the future.

I am completely lost. Can someone help me or find a solution? Thank you in advance.


@nathansimbahan Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hey @keizaal,
Sorry about the late reply.

Can you send a screenshot of the Animator Window for the hero? It is possible that the animator is not transitioning correctly to the run animation but the hero code is at a running state hence the brisk walk.