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The starter project contains the line let totalAlbums: Int in ArtistQuery.swift. As a result, the first time you run the project it fails to parse the server response.

I was also getting “Unable to parse server response.” when following the video with the Starter code. When I looked at the JSON response data in webbrowser from locationUrl, it only contains photo and biography keys. So yes, I also needed to comment out totalAlbums constant in the the ArtistInfo struct for a successful result.

the most recent commit (branch: versions/5.0 in GitHub repo):

commit 888f20fd1e937fb23e273e8f2ba3a322e858747c (HEAD -> versions/5.0, origin/versions/5.0, origin/HEAD)
Date:   Fri Sep 25 20:58:34 2020 +0100

    Adding materials

Or make totalAlbums optional :slight_smile: