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Hi there, why i got preview crashed and an error for reason “Attempt to insert section 0, but there are only 0 sections after the update swiftui” after i had done this challenge with your tutorial.It appeared when i tried to change the sort style from manual to author or title and back. it did not appear when i change from the author to title and back. i tried to download your project and tested, it still appeared the same error with mine. How can i get it ?

For some reason my app keeps crashing when I hit sort by Title or sort by Author. It works fine when selected sort Manually. I followed your tutorials and double checked for any syntax error but there is none. How do I solve this?

Try hitting sorting … the app will crash. I tried using the downloaded material without any change … same problem

Hello all,

I have been unable to reproduce this crash. If any of you could give me the exact steps to trigger the crash, using Xcode 13, I will try to get things solved ASAP!