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Hello there! :wave:

I can’t find the authors note in this lesson :sweat_smile:. Are they missing ?

Thank you!

Hi there!

Thanks for pointing this out, they were indeed missing :eyes: . I have just added them though!

Thanks again, and hope you are enjoying the course! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes, I am! Is pretty straightforward and easy to follow :+1:

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At 1:07 for the video Challenge: Add View Modifiers it says that a link to the “high fidelity” Figma design in the author’s notes but there is no link for that there.


Thanks for pointing this out to us — I have updated the author’s notes with the link to Figma!
Good luck with your first challenge!

Its nice to have the typography link to see the font sizes. Is there a similar resource for determine the font weight ? Tried to search on Apple’s developer page but only found definitions. No indication of the actual font weight values for each type.

@tylerturnbull There may be a better lookup table for this, but this is what I used: CSS Fonts Module Level 4

Sorry, but I can´t find find the authors note to this lesson (?).

We now call it “Resources and Updates” - do you see it here?