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Ch 2 - positioning the train model

I felt difficulty following the instruction written in page 55 in the PDF edition. I finished Victoria Wenderlich’s tutorial on Blender but still could not figure out how I can expose the Node inspector in Blender. I kept playing on Blender’s object inspector and was confused from small differences in visual appearance between what I see in Chapter 2 and my Blendor view. It was only after spending some time on Google that I realized what I see Object inspector in the book refers to the Xcode SceneKit editor view. In fact, I have been thinking that SceneKit refers to the right pane of Blender.

I believe a bit more text addition could have greatly helped me and others who are new to Xcode and 3D modelers.

Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback.

If you do get stuck in the future, please ask for help in this forum.

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