Certificate Signing Request(CSR) in swift using Secure Enclave

I am looking for help to write the certificate signing request in swift. I am able to create a keys(private & public) in the secure enclave and able to access through keychain. Just, looking help for certificate signing request in swift using SecKeyRawSign.

I have created a solution in Swift that will allow you to do generate CSR’s Swift 3.0 for iOS, https://github.com/cbaker6/iOS-csr-swift.

@cheetah2000 I’ve updated the framework to do elliptic curve key creation and signing in the secure enclave as well as RSA (outside the enclave). Please note that iOS currently only allows EC 256 bits in the enclave. The updated framework can be found here (note this points to the same place above, but I changed the name): https://github.com/cbaker6/CertificateSigningRequestSwift

If you would like to see how to use the key in the secure enclave to create a CSR using the CertificateSigningRequestSwift framework, check here: https://github.com/cbaker6/CertificateSigningRequestSwift_Test