CATiledLayer for large image. Any tutorial for Swift?

Hello All,

I have been trying to find a tutorial that walks me through how to tile a large image with CATiledLayer for a scrollview that is also zoomable. In swift. I have seen the CALayer tutorial here, but not quite what I am looking for.

Is there anything out there? Anything about that on this website in the paid video tutorials section?


Sure, did you check this one out?

Thanks! I sure did. But that one is using randomly colored squares. I am sitting over it and I am not sure how to use that example for my purposes. I would need something that holds me hand a bit more. I do not know how to modify it so it will load a high res image, then cut it up. It is a bit over my head.

I got a demo project. I’m also looking for the same please share if you have received some refined content.

The project is done, and it is in the app store. I ended up just using the standard scroll view. We were aiming at newer devices only, so a 5000x5000 image ended up being no problem at all. Sorry I cannot be of any help.