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Is it possible to set MinimumWindowSize for initial view of a single view App in Objective-C ?? I realize the window should be able to be resized to ANY size but I would like initial window to be different than the default size.

Hi I am unable to run the completed project

It is throwing the following error

Undefined symbol: (extension in UIKit):Foundation.IndexPath.row.getter : Swift.Int
Undefined symbol: _swift_FORCE_LOAD$_swiftUIKit

Hi @zzahirud. Which version of macOS and Xcode are you using?

Hi macOS 10.15 Beta and Xcode 11 Beta 2

Hi @steve_cannon,

[splitViewController setMinimumPrimaryColumnWidth:300.0];
[splitViewController setMaximumPrimaryColumnWidth:320.0]; 

are methods on UISplitViewController to set the minimum and maximum column widths. I did not see anything immediately obvious that allows you to set the default window size for Catalyst single view apps. But if you do find something, please let us know! Thanks.

Hi @zzahirud. Where are you running into that problem? I just downloaded the Xcode 11 beta 2 and am running the fresh downloaded project on the original macOS Catalina beta without any errors.