Cat Nap p260 - rope and hook do not show

In Cat Nap, p260 (chap 10), after adding code for the hook and the rope on p259 and p258, the rope and hook should be visible when running the simulator (per the author’s remarks). The rope and hook do NOT appear in the simulator (using an iPad size in order to get a large enough screen to see where the rope is supposed to be attached to the ceiling). I don’t see where (i.e., what page) the rope and hook sprites are added

I went ahead and copied the code from the HookBaseNode section provided by you, in case I had made a mistake when typing, but still no luck.

Can you assist? Everything up to this point has worked fine.

2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials v 2.0
Xcode 8.2.1
MacOS 10.11.6


Did you ever get it work? I’m here in the same page and there is no hook base visible line neither in my simulator.

Yes, I did. I left out one step while reading this section and it solved the problem.