Carekit 2.1 and SwiftUI

New to IOS dev and working through a simple CareKit app. Reviewing the RK and CK tutorials on RW, the framework has changed significantly since the tutorial was published, and now includes support for SwiftUI.

Is it possible for the tutorial to be updated to the more recent CK 2.1 and Swift Approach?

It’s a super useful and interesting framework and a lot can be done with it, now and in the future, but I feel that there’s a lot of reverse engineering to be done and that makes it really tricky for newbies like me who are still trying to get a grasp on things. I’ve learnt so much in the past few days tinkering, like integrating HealthKit data into the LabeledValueTaskView.

One of the key issues I have at the moment is the hybrid-nature of UIKit and SwiftUI within this framework and it would be great to have a tutorial working through a more future-prove CareKit App using SwiftUI.

Topics that could be really useful to be included:

  • Fetching Stored Tasks
  • Updating / Synchronizing Store with Progress
  • ToobarItem Navigation and incorporation into views with CC-specific view controllers such as OCKDailyTaskPageViewController
  • Custom TaskCards
  • Subclassing existing TaskViewControllers such as OCKSimpleTAskVie and customising using OCKStyler
  • Custom View Controllers
  • Custom View Synchronizers
  • Building the CareView with SwiftUI Wrappers

Anyway… just thought I’d throw this out there - never know unless you ask the question!

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