Can't run RxSwift Playground examples

I am getting error “workspace integrity : couldn’t load project rxswift.playground”.
Playground file not even opening in the project when I tap on it.

I tried to install latest cococapods, cleaning, deleting derived data, restarting.

The feedback on this forum is enormous.
Anyway, I found the answer.

“This happens when you zip and unzip files and Mac turned some files into .xml file depend on your mac settings. The solution is: right-click the “xxx.playground” file -> show package content, you will see the “contents.xcplayground” file. Right-cilck this file and go to “Get info”. Now in file name and extension section, remove the .xml at last.”

It might have been that unzipping with windows led to incorrect extension.

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Yeah, the interesting part is that this happens only in the playground file … the chapters featuring “normal” projects never had readers complain about this

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