Can't launch app on Iphone

I had to upgrade to Sierra so that I could download the new xcode so that I could add the app and test on my iphone because it is 10.3.1. I had two errors when trying to add it to Iphone and was able to resolve it by doing automatic signing. The errors went away and I was able to put the app on my Iphone. When I try to launch the app, it starts to open then closes. does not matter if it is connected to my computer or not.

Any suggestions,

I am just at the stage where I am polishing the game, around page 90

After loading the app on my iphone and keeping it connected to the computer I was able to press the play button in xcode and it gave me a error message.
fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value
2017-04-23 20:17:20.954379-0600 BullsEye1[6282:847062] fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value
After googling that I found in stack over flow a bunch of different things. But it looked like my issue was that I did not hook up the round key.(I think) when I went back and looked at my code none of the circles were filled in but only the round label did not show any thing in the connection inspector.
Could have been update that screwed up the other link or me just missing the round label.
Hope this helps someone, I ws stuck on it for a day.

Hey Derek, sorry to hear that you were stuck on this for a day, but if you want to get serious about programming… these sorts of things happen.

I spent 3 hours debugging something yesterday where it turned out that I had put two lines of code in the wrong order. It just took so long to get to the point where I was able to figure out where in the program things were going wrong.

As you become more experienced it will be easier to find the causes of bugs and crashes, but every now and again you’ll still be stumped. It happens. :wink: