Can't add Slider to Bullseye app

I am doing the beginners lesson for working with SwiftUI. Well when I get to adding the slider on the Bullseye app it doesn’t work. I get an error in the preview and the slider won’t show up. I have tried with existing vertical stack, with adding a new vstack, nothing works. I can add a toggle or stepper with no issue. I can’t add a slider in a brand new project either. Am I missing something in the setup? I’m on a 2020 16" MacBook Pro for reference.

Could you share your specific error message?

Hope this helps. I’m confused why it won’t add the slider but I can add a stepper or toggle no issue.

the highlighted Value must be a number with a decimal point, like 50.0

previous Xcode versions let you get away without the decimal point. I think the instructions don’t include it. There were a couple of other questions in the forums with the same problem

Thank you. I figured it out earlier today.

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