Camera go crazy, updateCameraAndLights, page 278


3D IOS Games by Tutorials:
page 278

i add updateCameraAndLights()
into GameViewController.

My camera go crazy. after that function.

i have use this code here:
//scnView.allowsCameraControl = false

Here video on my iphone:

@chrislanguage Do you have any feedback regarding this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

No, do you have the same isuse?

Hi there, it seems you’ve got an attribute property wrong on the root node of the main camera. Open the main game scene, then check the Y rotation of your cameras root node, it looks like you’ve got it set negatively, rotating the camera downward, instead of upward. So currently your camera is looking upward from below, where it should be looking downward from the above. The rest of the behaviour seems fine.

If you don’t come right, open the provided final project, and compare your camera and it’s root nodes attributes in the main game scene with the properties from the final project.

Well done though, the rest is looking great! Good luck! :]


i have try final project and my project. now it’s the same still problem. video.

it still does not work, after second try


it still does not work.

can some one can help me?

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