Bullseye Slider Images


I am fairly new to coding and currently working through the iOS apprentice 8th edition.

I have finished working through the Bullseye app and currently preparing my own UI.

Could someone possibly point me in the direction or help with source code for adding my own slider icons and how to re-size etc.

I would like to incorporate the code into the app but I’m a little stuck for a starting point. I have found the tutorial useful and informative but trying to process everything I have currently learnt to implement this seems to be a struggle.

I want to code this in swiftUI to be clear :+1:

Many Thanks


Hi @shaky411,
The book SwiftUI by tutorials has the BullsEye example in SwiftUI. You could refer to that if it helps you. It’s Chapter 2

link: https://store.raywenderlich.com/products/swiftui-by-tutorials


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