Building Your App Using Build Configurations and .xcconfig |

Use Xcode build settings and .xcconfig files to change your app’s settings and icon with different build configurations.

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Thanks for the tutorial. It’s very thorough.

One thing I wish you included was adding something like a URL in the configs. I know it’s essentially the same as other strings but I’ve read that you can’t have forward slashes in the config files and seen kinda weird “hacks” to get around this limitation. Would have loved to see your solution to that problem.

Now that you’ve added App Groups to the capabilities, click the + button to create an app group. You’ll see a prompt for the group name.

Enter group.. Click OK.

Of course group. doesn’t work. I’m new to this but eventually I figured out that appending the Bundle ID does work.

Really appreciate the in depth guide, cleared a lot of topics that were a bit foggy to me. Cheers