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./ Permission denied error (Chapter 2)

I am an admin, running os 10.14. Exact terminal response is: -bash: ./ Permission denied

Anyone have thoughts about how to resolve this?

Resolved: This is probably very basic for a more experienced user, but for me, part of my learning curve. The error is due to the fact that I as a user – even admin level – I don’t have persmission to execute the file. To change this, navigate to the correct chapter starter folder, type: “chmod 744” without the quote marks and then proceed as instructed in the book. You can do this each time you want to run a new file (i.e., chapter by chapter) or experiment with using the recursive version of this command on a top-level folder. But, in that case I believe you would be changing executable permissions for all files within the sub-folders and I’m not sure what implications that would have. So, I’m likely going to use chmod on only the specific file each time.

@dgmaccoon Thank you for sharing your solution - much appreciated! :]

You can also just run “bash”

@hordaric Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated!