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Books Should be Catered to an Audience based on Experience

I have a proposition for book writers of wenderlich.

The books released generally focus on 1 topic which given there is only so much you can write in a book before wenderlich is unhappy or your reader loses motivation to finish; I am proposing that Book writers break up their books into 3 levels of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

~ For topics that are complicated to make 3 different books, I can settle for Beginner/Advanced

This begs the question of “What is the expectation from a beginner vs intermediate vs advanced book?” So I will break down my thoughts into what I would like to see!

These books should cover a basic understanding of the feature. Starting with history, why it was developed the way that it was and working with the feature to understand its implementation at a basic level. Using a basic example of a UILabel; you could set the text such as myLabel.text = my text. That would be the extent of understanding the interfaces (UILabel and the text property) and how to use it.

These books should contain little to no history and embellish on more of the interfaces that were lacking in the first book. The targeted interfaces would be interfaces that would be used often. Going back to our UILabel example. The intermediate book would contain knowledge on AttributedText to assign attributes to different parts of the text or potentially working with auto resizing in different views.

These books will contain more complicated examples as well as exploring more complicated ways of achieving the same thing. An example of this, with respects to UILabel, would be utilizing the CATextLayer and how UILabel is built.

This is a general consensus about how I would like to see something like this evolve. The books could be released as 300 pages each for their standard price or you could buy a pre-order bundle of the full set for cheaper. The beginner books would still provide enough to get your feet wet and be worth it for those who don’t want to buy more books, but the intermediate/advance would embellish on the concepts for those who are hungry for more information!

What do you guys think? Is this a bad idea? How do you guys think beginner/intermediate/advanced books should break out information?

Leave your questions and comments below! If you think this is a good idea don’t forget to upvote the post! The more upvotes we get the more attention we will have!


Agreed and definitely upvoted in my book!

Hi @psyaryu,
A good suggestion indeed.


@psyaryu Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated! I will forward it to the book team.

Hi, @psyaryu!

I’m Manda, the Managing Editor for the Book Team! We are always looking for helpful feedback such as this, so thank you very much. Book making is an ongoing process, so it’s great to get new perspectives.

Thank you, again, and have a great day!

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