Book Update with update technology

First of all, I would like to say that, Raywenderlich’s books are good books and excellent books. With PDF format, they look pretty and attractive and basically for iOS and android developments, besides languages used, basically the books cover every aspect of all the technologies that belong to both iOS and android. However, a few things I would like to point out, which are the drawbacks of Raywerlich’s books, there are a lot of errors, either code errors, language usage errors, which are typos or grammatical errors. In addition to that I hope there is an update for iOS apprentice esp when the PDF version comes out. Because after iOS 13, Apple’s recommendation is to use UITableViewDiffableDataSource for tableview and UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource together with snapshot to fill the table or collection view data. I have not seen any of those updates in the most recent release of Raywenderlich’s iOS Apprentice book for UIKit. Hope there will the an explanation to the reader the difference between the old and new ways of doing things and WHY. I know there is a tutorial or article on Raywenderlich’s website that teaches readers how to use it but this update has not been integrated or put into the iOS apprentice UIKit book.

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