Book Update Suggestions: JetPack, AndroidX and Bottom Navigation

I am going thru an online course, Android Studio 3.3 and using JetPack, AndroidX and Bottom Navigation (for a List/Tasks project). I strongly recommend the new updated RW book embrace these technologies and approach, especially for the ListMaker sections.

Bottom Navigation shows the power of Fragments (each ‘tab’ is a fragment, so List fragment, Task fragment, etc) and how Fragments call methods in Activities (e.g. to Intent to other activities, using Interfaces).

JetPack and AndroidX get rid of findByViewID and redundant var references to Layout elements and provide significant code optimisation. Check them out on Android Developers website.

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@daemonic_daz @tblank Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

HI @mazen_kilani,

We are currently working on a 2nd edition that will fix errata and bring the book up to date with the latest Android Studio, Kotlin, and library versions.

As far as bigger changes such as using JetPack, AndroidX, etc., we will definitely be taking a close look at them and other new technologies as we plan for the 3rd edition.

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