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Black Friday Sale Coming Soon!

A Black Friday sale is coming soon to Get your holiday wishlist ready! :]

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Beginner Swift Bundle, watchOS and Core Data - and my loot will be full :smiley: So waiting for next Friday with impatience :wink:

Finally, a reason to get excited about Black Friday - Dear Santa, I’d like the iOS Games Bundle, I’ve been a very good dev this year.

I’d like the 1 year membership and swift apprentice

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Unity games by tutorials- too :smiley:

I would buy a year worth of video subscription if the price was just right. I use to have it when it was $15, but couldn’t keep it up to do finances.

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I would take one year subscription and Advanced swift bundle.


Dear Santa, one year subscription and anything related with watchOS would be perfect

Unity by tutorials and one year subscription.

Rather than saying what I would like, I just want to say thanks for yet another initiative on the part of a very supportive team of people

guard let unityByTutorials = unityByTutorials, 
      let swiftApprentice = swiftApprentice else {
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Could have started this on thanksgiving…

I want to add a big THANKS to everyone at for all that you do!

Wishing for a year’s subscription, under $100.


It’s Friday in Australia, can I start now Ray? :smirk:

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Anxiously waiting!!! It’s Nov 25th in some part of the world already!
Put down that Turkey leg and publish the deals!!!

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Do you think there will be another Black Friday sale this year…?

Wow you guys are on top of it! Yes, we will be having another Black Friday sale this year - stay tuned! :]

I’m preparing my $$$ :slight_smile:

I’m new member I’ll be waiting for the Black Friday next week