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Best pharmacy management software for your drugstore

The choice of Moss Pharma pharmacy management software will give great advantages to your pharmacy. This is a powerful assistant to help you save time, cost and effort. This software is also a prominent product of Tech Moss in the medical field.

Moss Pharma brings out many solutions
You do not want to immediately buy a permanent pharmacy management software for millions of dong. Don’t worry, Moss Pharma has a simple solution for you. Your pharmacy already has an effective tool to make the connection. Moss Pharma also helps you manage your store with many utilities.

To find a suitable solution package, please refer to Moss Pharma Pharmacy Price Quotation. With Moss Pharma, you have many different usage time packages: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or even permanently buy the software. With extremely discounted prices, Moss Pharma is always one of the cheapest pharmacy software you can find.

User-friendly pharmacy management software interface
Right from the homepage, you will immediately feel this. Moss software is easy to understand, pure Vietnamese and arranged smartly.

The index is neat and easy to understand. Not only displayed by specific numbers, Moss Pharma also allows you to track sales and indicators by visual graphs. You can easily compare sales and inventory over time.

The printing and printing of invoices and drug labels are also carried out quickly and compactly with just a few steps.

Moss pharmacy management software brings many features
Moss Pharma is Tech Moss’s dedicated pharmacy management software package. Tech Moss is confident to provide full of specialized features for pharmacies. The software has been connected to the portal of the Ministry of Health to help customers communicate data easily.

Moss Pharma has integrated the basic management features for one or the chain of pharmacies. Convenience features include: inventory management, drug placement (boxes, cabinets). You can also easily print the reporting system (sales, profits …) …

Tech Moss’ pharmacy management software applies cloud computing technology. This new technology will bring maximum benefits to pharmacies and drugstores:

  • Allow users to log in anywhere anytime via smartphone, iPad … just connect to the Internet to check the business situation of the pharmacy.

  • AI feature helps predict smartly, minimize risks during the process of prescribing drugs

  • Easily manage near-date drugs

  • Manage the chain of pharmacies, export and convert drugs between pharmacies with a single mouse click

  • Memorizing drug codes and drug names; management of drugs through active ingredients and drug codes of the Ministry of Health.

Moss Pharma helps flexible data interconnection

Moss Pharma helps flexible data interconnection

Technical support 24/7
This is what makes Tech Moss a big difference. We are always with you. Tech Moss has a team of enthusiastic staff who will always answer all your questions and requests.

The process of converting old data to will happen quickly with the help of Tech Moss. You do not have to worry about anything. Moss will help you manage pharmacies easily and conveniently.

Who is Moss Pharma software for?
With easy-to-use features and interfaces, Moss Pharma software is aimed at a wide range of users. Moss Pharma offers convenience to all pharmacies. With only 5000VND / day, Moss software is the optimal choice for even small pharmacies.

With businesses, distributors and pharmacy chains, Moss management software also helps you. Moss Pharma has more advanced service packages for this customer group.

With the product package for pharmacy chains, customers can manage flexibly between pharmacies. Easier importing, exporting and transferring warehouses.