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Best Image Editors for OS X

Find out the best image editors for OS X, as selected by the team! Includes a handy chart to help you pick the best image editor for you.

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you forgot the best editor
its rated with higher scores then all the other expensive editors you mentioned, and its 100% free
it has more features then photoshop, and its learning curve is much lower

I’m surprised you didn’t even mention Acorn. It’s native and quite competent and frankly what I use day to day.

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Why is not being in the Appstore a ‘con’?

GIMP is a good image editor and has improved usability a lot in recent versions. Still it has many of the drawbacks of Photoshop and I see the learning curves of the two tools as relatively similar. It does make a good alternative if you want the power of Photoshop without the price.

Acorn is also a good editor and one I use myself on my Air which struggles with Photoshop. It was the last editor I cut from the list.

Don’t forget about Inkscape!

Please review Adobe’s xd as well and update this article. Thanks.

Surprised Affinity Designer made the list but Affinity Photo did not. If “built for designers” is a con, then Affinity Photo deserves mention as it dispenses with many of the “InDesign-like” features to become a “Photoshop-like” competitor.

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Hi Bob, You can use the borders in sketch to create a good looking stroke around the text. I used a thickness of 2 and white as the colour and the text looked okay. I use Sketch for all my vector work and Gimp for my raster stuff. I agree with kvebeeck that Gimp is the best out there.

Just found a new piece of software that looks really good. Autodesk Graphic can export Core Graphics code and 1x, 2x, and 3x resolutions. It looks really good, but there is no trial. I’ll probably get it anyway.

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This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]