Beginning Video with AVFoundation | Ray Wenderlich

AVFoundation is Apple’s advanced framework for working with time-based media, such as audio and video. This video series covers the essentials to using the AVFoundation framework to create video based apps. You’ll learn how to play local, remote, and live video; setup capture sessions to preview and capture still images, and set focus and exposure; record movies files; merge multiple video clips; and add graphic overlays and animation to video. Prerequisites: This video series assumes prior iOS and Swift programming knowledge. You should also be comfortable using Xcode, and have some experience writing apps for the iOS platform. Some knowledge of Grand Central Dispatch, and Core Animation would be helpful as well.

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Hi there. Thanks for this Wonderfull tutorial. It has a lot of information and I highly recommend for everyone who wants to get involved with this subject. Just something that was bad and for most of the people that are junior->Intermediate and want to get involved with this subject. It will be pain in the neck converting swift 2 -> swift 5. I consider my self an intermediate iOS Developer and I had to convert everything , and took some time to fix some weird syntax understanding.

Since this is an educational tutorial , and I believe it says intermediate , if a junior face this swift 2 syntax conversion it will be just like hitting a wall. I don’t think this is the right approach for those people.

Please update the projects.

ps: I think it will take 30 min !

@scy Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! We will update the course soon.

Did you update the course or not yet?


@ealshammari Not yet but it is on our list. I will definitely let you know when I have more updates about it. Thank you!

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Okay! Sounds good!
Being a newbie to all of this definitely doesn’t help, will come back after this course has been updated!

+1 to updating this course for Swift 5 please. Holding off on watching until then. :slight_smile:

I can’t use the material with this course as I am running Xcode 11 and it won’t convert from the old version of Swift. Anyone know of other tutorials on here that work in Xcode 11 / Swift 5 for building a capture app?

@akashlal @xhome_ios @virtualpete We will update the course soon.

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Hello, any update regarding the course update?
Really looking forward to it.

Considering this is a pro material and the content being 4 years old, I think an update is long overdue.

Currently in progress :slight_smile:

@scy @ealshammari @akashlal @xhome_ios @virtualpete @hamna @jmchou Please check out the updated version of the course when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

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