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Beginning Table Views · Updating the Controller | Ray Wenderlich

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Good course, but the refactoring stuff gets far too overwhelming towards the end. Too much to throw at someone learning iOS at the same time.


Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the heads up.

I really appreciate letting us know different possibilities and features that we can implement in Table View, but I think it would be best to learn these stuffs in a bit more isolated manner, rather than deleting and adding new functions here and there.

Hi Juno,

Yes - I agree as well. We used to have separate course just on table views and I think it would be good for us to return to that model. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll let the team know.

By the way, it’s an amazing course. Although it took me quite a long time to go through the entire course, you have taught so many valuable functionalities that i can later use when using a tableView. Great work Brian!

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

I agee. It’s all a bit didactic towards the end.

Just a note on something that I was struggling with:

When it came to refactoring the numberOfSections(in:) method, the autocomplete suggested:


and then wouldn’t let me apply the instance member .count to this type.

After a bit of searching, I realised that it was important that allCases not be capitalised as such:


which fixed the error.

Explanations would help when doing updating all of this code

@ericsutton33 Please let us know what you don’t understand exactly when you get a chance. Thank you!

At 2:08 you started to refactor ‘addItem’, am I correct that we unhooked this function from the ‘+’ nav bar button when we hooked that up to now use the segue to the other tableviewcontroller which then did the work to add the item to the todoList (using the text we typed in) and returned back to this tableviewcontroller via the delegate for updating the view.

Yes, you are correct.
This section ended up being far more complex than intended. When we update the course, we’ll use a far less complex app that doesn’t have so many moving parts.

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@bdmoakley, could you please explain why you use TodoList.Priority(rawValue: index), TodoList.Priority.allCases and TodoList.Priority.medium.rawValue. What do the functions belong to and why do you use them not as todoList variable methods but as somr standalone functions as it seems to me?

@bdmoakley Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]