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Beginning Table Views · Segues | Ray Wenderlich

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Hi! Thanks for the lesson. I think there is a small mistake in a sample code: we don’t need to pop VC twice: in delegate method (CheckListViewController) and button methods (AddItemTableViewController). It may cause an error if CheckListViewController isn’t a root VC.

Yeah, that sounds like a bug. Thanks for the heads up!


I don’t really get why you need to access the protocol in the prepare for segue function

Hi, I don’t understand why I do have this error message
"Use of unresolved identifer ‘item’ " item has been declared in func as directed.
I tried also to use the material from the download section ( copy and paste) but still have this issue.

Could someone help me to resolve this mystery ?


Hey there, looking at your code, I don’t see item being declared in your function. You’ll need to fix your function header to include the item and that will fix the issues.

func addItemViewController(_ controller: AddItemTableViewController, didFinishAdding **item**: CheckListItem)