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Beginning Table Views | Ray Wenderlich

The first half of the course does a good job explaining the fundamentals for TableViews.

As the course approaches the end, it gets increasingly messy. Concepts are left unexplained and the instructor does not tell you what you’re actually implementing which makes it hard to learn.

@martenbjork Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! Please let us know what you don’t understand exactly when you get a chance.

I find this course to be badly made.

  1. The file/variable naming is very bad. When the author is explaining things at the beginning of a video or in the intro video, I have to skip because I always get lost.

  2. The implementation style of code is not good either. The author several times just does thing without giving a clear idea of ‘why’.

  3. The explanations are very boring and feel like a lecture I am forced to skip to the coding parts of the video.

Here are the things I had to supplement the course with which is not something I wanted.

  1. I had to add comments to chunk codes into different pieces and mark them with their purpose for my own understanding.

  2. I had to lookup several things on Google because the video didn’t explain it.

  3. Concepts are not properly explained in a simplified manner. I had to use different sources online to first understand things to be able to follow in the video.

The worst part is that the sections which contain the author talking and explaining on a green background is a repetition that feels like done to bloat the course timing and video count.

Would have loved to have a shorter course with more precise attack on concepts and ‘whys’ in a simplified manner.

Thanks for the feedback. We will keep it in mind next time we update this course. Cheers!