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Beginning Table Views · Adding a New Screen | Ray Wenderlich

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Brian, around 4:40 in this tutorial, a “Title” is showing up in the navigation bar in the "Add Item Table View Controller. You are also able to drag the two new buttons into this bar. However, following your tutorial, I am not able to duplicate your move (adding buttons)?

Hi Toms,

Was the initial view controller embedded in a navigation view controller? I’m guessing that’s the cause of the issue. Feel free to take a screenshot of your storyboard and post it here and I’ll take a look.


Hi Tom,

May be i am late by decade :wink: to this thread. i had the same issue.
in the the Add view controller, under Attribute Inspector->Simulated Metric->Top Bar
you may have something other than “Inferred” selected as drop down option.

Change it to Inferred, you should be able to add buttons thereafter.


Brian and fooldog, first “Inferred” is selected in the Attribute inspector. Secondly, at 4:38 the name of the TableViewController in the Main Story Board mysteriously change name to “Title Scene” with a navigation bar called “Title”.
When I try to drag a bar Button Item to the navigation bar, the controller add a toolbar at the bottom and add the button to it(Item).

The challenge I face is how to add a navigation bar to the “Add Item Table View Controller Scene (Title Scene?)”? Thank you!!!

@bdmoakley Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi Tom,

Sorry my bad!
Please follow these steps:

  1. Change Simulated metrics->Top bar = None
  2. Drag N Drop a Navigation Bar to the top bar area (here you can change the title) - this
    is the step missing in video
  3. Then add Nav Bar Button on either side of the Navigation Bar as instructed in the video.
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fooldog, thank you!!! I was wondering what kind of “top bar” the tutorial was showing😊! Your answer solved that one! Much appreciated!!!

Hi Tom,
Although the solution that i gave you works somehow but, actually it is done in different way. i just figured that out. after creating the segue when you get the back button on the Top Nav Bar, click on the object library and search for “navigation item” and drag that on top of the Top Nav Bar.

As soon as you drag that on to the Top Nav Bar you will see the Title appearing and then you will also be able to drag N drop Bar button on top of the free back button that you got while creating the show segue.


Thank you again fooldog! This way of doing it match the tutorial! Time to explore the rest of this excellent tutorial!:sweat_smile:

You are absolutely correct. I’ve gone back to the source footage and found that it was edited out. These mistakes occasionally happen. But yes, you are supposed to add a navigation item to the controller. That’s the missing step after which you can continue. I’ll leave a course note.

Thanks again for letting us know. Cheers!


I think there are some frames missing before adding those two buttons , we should add a navigation bar on that.

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Navigation bar is exactly what he looked up last and even still highlighted in the library when he was about to add the two buttons. (Just to let the others know, ya’ll can ignore the whole dicussion above completely)

Hi! I’ve tried to change Simulated metrics->Top bar = None, added Navigation Bar, but I still see “<Checklists” in simulator. And I don’t see it in editor. X-code 10.1. What’s wrong? Hugs for help!

getting the same mistake as well

I’ve tried this path and some other tutorials. Now I understand that novices should not fear some small differences like that. Just continue. Also I’m not sure problem is not in me but Xcode seems to be a bit buggy. I’ve already met some cases when some issues like that disappear if you just place elements in different order to the story board. Also it seems more reliable to set properties programmatically.

@lito @kadjo_anoh Do you still have issues with this?

Can you edit the Video to add the missing NavigationItem to the video instructions. I watched the Video and spend almost 2 hours on stackoverflow to figure out the reason I can’t add the buttons to the navigation tab is due to a missing navigationItem from ViewController. Then I scrolled down to see if someone has commented the issue and noticed a Note at the end of the page which has notified the issue!! (it was a small text and could be easily missed especially if you are focused on watching the course). Sure this will happen to others too, so I’d suggest to edit the Video to save time for others who face the same!!
BTW, I should mention it is a great course and I’m really enjoying watching and learning! Thanks.

I have the same issue than @lito with the double navigation bar showing up. Any ideas of how to get the same behavior than in the video?

OK, I fixed it. We don’t have to change the “Top bar” to None in the “Simulated Metrics” section. Just leave it as “inferred”. Then, drag the Navigation Item on the existing Navigation bar (which displays “<Checklists”). Then, you will be able to add button items.