Beginning Swift 3 - Part 3: Types | Ray Wenderlich

Learn about types in Swift 3.

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Wonderful examples
I am getting used to it
Thanks a lot

Great summary of types Brian! However I’ve noticed some minor bugs in the challenge. :slight_smile:

  1. Ub3r H4ck3r Challenge - Declare a variable of type Character called sadPlace. Set it to a happy emoji.
  2. var drama = happyPlace + sadPlace this line only works because these emojis are actually Strings and not Characters.

Yes, I agree with this, the solution to the challenge does not take account the setting of instructions to String / Double / Int / Character / etc. so kind of defeats the object of what the video is about. This could simply be addressed by improving the solution to the challenge.

I think there’s a problem. It asks to create 2 Characters vars, and then create a String var adding both Character vars, but it gets an error saying you can’t add 2 Character vars

Hi Brian, in the solutions the types are never declared but in the challenges is tells us to declare them. I’m a little confused here or am I not understand the challenge correctly? Thanks,Tim

Agreed - looks like these forums are not being monitored. Just starting with these videos and its disappointing to see the “solution” file does not provide he actual solution.

Hey Everyone … thanks for the feedback. I’ve gone ahead an updated both the challenge playground and challenge solution to fix the issues. Cheers!

Started with videos seems not have been updated challenges as it suppose to be.As a learner it is confusing