Beginning RxSwift - Part 9: Subjects and | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Continue learning about using Subjects and see how to use Variables for a similar purpose but with some added conveniences.

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@scotteg At 4:17 into the video, shouldn’t the diagram be labeled “ReplaySubject” instead of “BehaviorSubject”?

@scotteg Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

@scarter Good catch, thanks! We’ll plan to fix this on next update.

Apparently Variable is being depricated…

ℹ️ [DEPRECATED] `Variable` is planned for future deprecation. Please consider `BehaviorRelay` as a replacement. Read more at:

@scarter @mlindholm Yes, Variable has been deprecated. And there’s been much discussion about why, how to use its replacement instead (BehaviorRelay), and if there will be some concessions made to ease the transition. This is why I opted to not cover it in the video course initially. However, we will plan to do so in the next update (presuming the dust has settled). In the meanwhile…

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Thanks for the course, but stories with StarWars are too long.

as a side note to the other comments: because you know use BehaviorRelay instead of Variable, you have to be sure to ‘import RxCocoa’