Beginning Recycler View - Part 3: A Basic | Ray Wenderlich

See how to setup a basic RecyclerView, along with the corresponding LayoutManager, Adapter, and ViewHolder.

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This is the experience of going through this lesson:

  1. Wait for all content on a single file or dialog box to be filled in.
  2. Find the moment right before the file or dialog box is closed and pause the video.
  3. Fill in everything.
  4. Press play again, watch with horror as another file gets filled in. Repeat steps 2-4.

I wouldn’t call this a “course”. There’s value in watching you work, but so much code is added between the two build-and-runs in this video. I hardly see the point of following along, blindly repeating everything you do.

I suggest for “Beginning Recycler Views” you focus on the bare minimum of code necessary to get a Recycler View up and running. Give the learner some sort of feeling of success before putting them through a 30 minute gauntlet (I measured) of pausing, mimicing text entry, and unpausing.

Thanks for the feedback, Matt! This video was a bit of marathon. Your feedback is helpful. :]