Beginning Git - Part 6: The Staging Area | Ray Wenderlich

Before you can create a Git commit, you have to use the “add” command. What does it do? Discover how to use the staging area to great effect through the interactive git add command.

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Sam you used to have files which you could download and practice with the new format I cannot find them, can you please direct me to the right location where I can find them?

Hi @nareniyer

Because this course is about git, all of the accompanying files are part of a repo on GitHub. You see how to clone them in part 2. This means you need to follow the course from the beginning to be able to keep in sync.

One of the reasons for this is that it would be challenging to give meaningful downloadable projects for each start, since the project itself is a git repo. It also means that you learn the whole process as you work through the course.

Hope that helps


Hey! I am a little bit confused. You refer to the git repo as “the index”, where I thought the staging area was the index. Can you clear that up a little bit?

Hi @gojy

It seems I may have mis-spoken. You are correct that the index is the staging area. If I said otherwise, then I was incorrect.

My apologies, and thanks for pointing it out!