Beginning Git - Part 2: Cloning a Repo | Ray Wenderlich

One of the ways you might start out with Git is by creating your own copy of somebody else's repository. Discover how to clone a remote repo to your local machine, and what constitutes "forking" a repository.

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Hey Sam, how did you customize your terminal?

Hi @gtokman

I use iTerm2 instead of, with zsh as my shell. I also use antigen to customise zsh, with some standard plugins, and the robbyrussell theme.

There’s nothing particularly special in there, but it can make the terminal really powerful.


Sam, this isn’t a course related question, but just wanted to comment on the incredible quality of the video. Do you mind if I as what camera you are using to get such crystal clear video?

Hi @tomp

Lol—thanks! It’s a Nikon D600 with a 50mm lens.


Hello Sam,

I have installed Iterm2 and plugins, it looks great. thank you to share here

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