Beginning Git - Part 13: Conclusion | Ray Wenderlich

The Beginning Git video course took you from knowing nothing about Git, all the way to completing everything you need to know to use it in your daily development life. But wait… there’s more.

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Thank you, Sam. I learned quite a bit about Git from this well executed series.


Thanks for the message @donwlarson—really happy to hear that the course was useful to you :slight_smile:


Sam, thanks for the course. Very informative.

I may have missed it, but did you cover going back to a previous commit?


Hi There @samdavies

Awesome course i've learned a lot !! is there any chance to get my hands on your Terminal profile i really like it, it makes some visual order while working.

Cheers YoelL

Hi @landahoy55

Glad you enjoyed the course.

I think you might find the answer to your question about going back to a previous commit in the “Many Face of Undo” video in the Mastering Git series:


Hi @yoele

Glad you found the course informative.

I use zsh as my shell, with the antigen package manager and the robbyrussell default theme, within the iTerm2 app. I don’t really have much additional configuration in there.


Thanks for the info :wink:

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RW Team,

This is very good tutorial to learn Git using terminal. I like it and learned Git commands.
Before this tutorial, I was using 'GitHub Deskto’p UI client but after this tutorial I am using only ‘Terminal’.
Thanks once again !!!

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Thank you for your very kind feedback - much appreciated! Both @samdavies and I are really glad that you enjoy the course so much and it’s so helpful to you after all for sure and for good indeed! :]

Thank you sam…, i learned a lot, but some where lacks something, i think it will resolve by practising in apps. now git also sounds to me.

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Hi @muh_azharudheen—glad to hear you enjoyed the course. Please feel free to share any areas you felt were lacking, or suggestions for the future and we’ll look at incorporating them when the course gets updated.


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Thanks, Sam, that was just about as entertaining as a lecture on git could be. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the advanced class. For my day job I work on a pretty big software project - we just switched to git recently and this class helped me better understand some of the ‘recipes’ I’ve been following for different tasks…

@jimcmartin glad it helped—that’s exactly the mission it set out to solve. We all learn the 4 incantations we need to make stuff work, but understanding what they do unlocks the real power of git.

And I’m happy you found it mildly entertaining—it’s challenging to make dry subjects interesting—it’s nice to know that at least one person thinks it worked :slight_smile: