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“allows external storage.” Is it disk storage? and does it show in app size in settings ?

It just means that instead that large binary files are stored on the file system instead of the actual data store. This setting is managed from the model settings.

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Is there any general rule of thumb in terms of from what file size (e.g., photo), it makes more sense to use the setting? For instance, I guess that if you are working with small resolution photos only, that option is not going to be meaningful; if so, how small should the photo size be? 100kb? 1Mb? Or, is this question not that important because the CoreData is smart enough to make appropriate decisions automatically?

You’ll have to make this decision. You learn more over here:

Look for section under BLOB

Binary data is now stored as Data and not NSData. Just thought of adding this here, same with Date. Its now Date and not NSDate. Luckily, everything shown in the tutorial still works till this point of time.

@akashlal Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! We will fix this in the next version of the course.

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