Beginning Collection Views - Part 7: Deleting Cells | Ray Wenderlich

In this video tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how you can delete cells from the collection view.

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Hi, Michael.
there is a bug here .
when you press the edit button, the collectionView becomes into editing mode, and the checked imageView on the visible cell display, that’s right, but if you scroll down , you will find some invisible cell before scrolling doesn’t have the checked imageView displayed. the same thing happens when you toggle back to normal mode(non-editing mode).


Hi Michael,

The Challenge PDF solution contains NSIndexPath - looks like it wasn’t updated fully.
Also - the CollectionView.indexPathsFor… methods return [IndexPath] so no need to cast IMHO.

Great tutorial, thanks!

Hi Michael,
I think function prepareForReuse in ParkCell.swift should be this.

override func prepareForReuse() {
parkImageView.image = nil
captionLabel.text = “”
isSelected = false
Great tutorial, thanks!