Beginning Collection Views - Part 13: Section 2: | Ray Wenderlich

Build up a custom Collection View Cell class in an updated collection view featuring images of National Parks.

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Hi. I did not really understand the prepareForReuse(). Is it a matter of stability for the UICollectionView? Thanks!

@catie Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi @Catie! I really liked the first section for this course where you taught us how to build the collection view from scratch. It was well organized and I learned a lot. Thank you!

For the second section where we are provided a started project, it would have been nice to continue where we left off in the first section. The starter project appears to have a lot of content that is unfamiliar preloaded into the project.

Also, I noticed there’s use of loading data. This would have been useful to learn how to do in a real app since your saving data course only covers playgrounds.

Overall, great course, thank you!

I quit…
I like the hosts, but the tutorials with this starter projects are not state of the art.
This tutorial is useless for me. All that given methods and functions distracts me. For example: I don’t know how to structure my data, to get proper sections. No one explains. Just write this or that and the magic happens…

This tutorials are like showing me how to drive a car but don’t telling me the traffic rules.

And most of the watcher are beginners. So they would love to learn the tricks and best practices not of just one little spot. It would take 3 or 4 videos to build up the datasource and this would enhance this tutorial a lot.


Do any of these questions ever get answered? The problem with selecting and deselecting cells that was mentioned in the previous section is still happening with the starter project in this section. Is it worth continuing if there is no help when we hit a problem?

Ha, I guess not… but it’s not just this course. Plenty of the video courses have questions that simply aren’t addressed, EVER. The subscription isn’t cheap and the feedback should be much better than this. Seriously wondering why I bother.