Beginning Collection Views - Part 1: Section 1: | Ray Wenderlich

What are Collection Views? Find out how Collection Views compare to their close relative, the Table View, in this introductory video.

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Hi Catie

I really like this course. very high quality, BIG compliment.

Is it allowed to use this little “checked” “unchecked” icons in our own Apps or is there any good source for icons like this?

Is there any small video tutorial or podcast how to create this 1x, 2x and 3x versions of an image?
I also bought the Iconizer from Fahim which I think is really good to generate all this needed formats.
But still not 100% sure what to do to get the best result and quality like your “checked” “unchecked” icon versions.

thanks for any help.

If you want good icons, you might want to look at the following two resources for a bunch of great icons for a fairly affordable price …

Or, you can use an image editor such as Affinity Designer to create the icons yourselves. Something like the checked icon should be fairly easy to create with an image designer. Generally, you just want to create an image for the @3x size and then size it down for @2x and @1x versions.

If you do a search online, you can even find articles on how to use Automator on a Mac to set up an automated workflow which would take a @2x (or @3x) image and scale it down for the other versions.

Thank you so much Fahim.
I will take a look at this link right now.
Btw I am really happy with your Iconizer App. Just 1 click and I have all I need to drag and drop into my App.

Happy to help :slight_smile: It’s great that you find Iconizer so useful but I had totally forgotten that it did scaling down of images because I never use that feature myself :stuck_out_tongue: