Beginning Auto Layout - Part 16: Section 2: | Ray Wenderlich

Review what you've learned in this section, and pick up some parting tips for using Auto Layout in your apps.

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Hi @jcatterwaul, @catie, you two always do a great job with the tutorials. I picked up a few additional tips in this update. Thanks!

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We’re both very happy to hear this!

I’m a recent subscriber and this was the first video series I have watched. I’m not new to iOS development and yet, was pleasantly surprised how well this tutorial was produced and delivered. Thank you and congrats on a well done job.

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Well done. A couple of points.

  1. it appears you were using a trackpad or other to zoom the Preview view. I have been unable to locate shortcut keys to zoom the preview. Double-clicking the Preview background will reduce 50% or return to 100%. Let me know if there is another means assuming no trackpad.

  2. to select the Preview view, I require to hold down the option key. though this is not specified in the videos. let me know if there is some form of default setting I am missing or other.

Thanks again.

  1. If you don’t have a trackpad or Magic Mouse, you can achieve the same effect as pinching using option+scroll.
  2. We don’t recall ever having come across that. It sounds like maybe you’re not opening the Assistant Editor the same way we do? (Which is either to press the “chain links” button, or to use the shortcut: option-command-return.) If you option-click on a file, then it will open in the Assistant Editor. That’s my best guess.
  1. I have a mini Mac with Magic Mouse 2, option scroll does not appear to function. Also pinch gestures for MM2 do not work as per:

Uncertain why this is, though will continue to workaround as I have prior.

  1. I click the chain links, then click the Preview. Though nothing happens, then option click and it opens preview. Also, the option-cmd-return does not open.

I realize not your issue here, though be forewarned certain parts of the process may be unclear for others.

If we do anything that relies on non-standard shortcuts, then we certainly should be pointing it out. But in your case, it sounds like you’re working around a problem with the option modifier that another person would have no idea how to predict. Perhaps it’s system-wide? Is zooming working for you in Safari, or Maps, for example?

I recommend tackling the mouse problem first, because that’s fundamental to navigation in macOS. If you can get both of these issues it sorted out, please respond here. And if it’s anything that isn’t just a hardware failure, I will make sure to incorporate it into anything else that we present. Good luck!

Hi @jcatterwaul, @catie, I really liked your presentation and style.
Well done!!!

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Any chance Mastering Autolayout Course will be updated for iOS 11, Xcode 9 anytime soon? Or it really would’nt matter much?

It is recorded already and coming soon! Not a whole lot of new stuff, but the projects will be easier to work with using the latest versions of Xcode and Swift, and there are new challenge videos.

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Thanks guys, this is among the best of courses on RW, gets straight to the main points and the examples are simple and easy to follow.


Terrific course guys! Thank you for the clear explanations and examples. I look forward to getting into Mastering Auto Layout