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Beginning Android Development Tutorial: Installing Android Studio

Learn how to download and install Android Studio in this Beginning Android Development Tutorial.

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Hey Megha, it’s a great tutorial. I met Ray at a conference where he talked about how to write articles and tutorials. You tutorial resembles everything that Ray talked about. Keep up the great work. I also write articles on Android Mobile Development. Do you mind having a look at my articles and if you could please take some time out and tell me the weak points in them? Thank You. Here’s the site:

Link for the sample project isn’t working.

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Wonderful tutorial, helped a lot!
I’d just like to point out an inconvenience that other users might face that you didn’t seem to address;
When running the app on an Emulator, one must ensure that the laptop/PC Virtualization Technology is enabled, using BIOS.
I used this tutorial and found it very helpful as all my problems were resolved after that.
Once again, however, it was a very comprehensive and enlightening tutorial for a complete beginner. Many thanks!

Great tutorial. Thank you! It helped me to setup my Android studio in my mac.

Great Tutorial! I was up and running in 30 minutes. Can you suggest a tutorial to learn developing apps… there are plenty out there, but if you know of a good one, can you respond.

When I tried to import the project… I got two options:

  1. Create project from existing sources.
  2. Import project from external model.

I tried selecting both at each attempt… but failed to run the project (Build button was grayed out).I selected 1st option… I got this error "> Migrate Project to Gradle ?

This project does not use the Gradle build system. We recommend that you migrate to using the Gradle build system."

Hi Megha, Your post were very interesting and tasty too :smile: specially the android bot :wink:

I’m also trying something like android beginners tutorial

There is an updated version of this tutorial: Please post your questions or issues regarding it over there. Thank you! :]