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Is there a way to indefinitely run a background task forever?

I know that might be a bad practice, but I have my use case with BLE where I am scanning and logging devices I find (for contact tracing, #covid-19) and I need this to run continuously even when app is in background.

@hococoder Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

When I run this code in iPhonne XR with OS 14.4 the background remaining time always shows 30seconds.I never saw more than 30seconds.In your video I saw 180 seconds.Not sure why.Is this expected in latest OS? Can you confirm?

I have seen apple forums about this.Most of the discussion says that 30seconds is max time they could see.
I’m trying to implement in my app but 30 seconds are too less for my app to complete task