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Auto Layout Tutorial in iOS 11: Getting Started

In this Auto Layout tutorial, you'll learn all about using constraints and how to apply them to making iOS apps! Fully updated to iOS 11!

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Hmm I think you’re missing one picture. The pin description seems to point to the resolve auto layout button and the align description to the pin button

Okay. You’ve added iphone X support and broke ios 9/10compatibility. Do you plan to fix that?

It’s hard to believe a tutorial could start out so wrong. Even beginners can read it and know it’s faulty. How is it that experts couldn’t spot the errors after it was published? Not very professional.

More issues:

Select Main.storyboard and make sure that Use Auto Layout, Use Trait Variations, and Use Safe Area Layout Guides are all enabled via the Storyboard’s File Inspector:

In Xcode 9.1, Main.storyboard does not have those choices in its File Inspector.

I beg to differ, mate. Yes. It does have them.

This topic is very useful for me. I used to develop with Xcode9.2. Most of the simulators show UI properly except iPhone X. Thanks.

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!