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App Clips in iOS |

Whether you’re picking up coffee or renting a bike, you’ve likely been faced with the decision of installing an app or not. Living in a time where there truly is an app for everything, it’s often frustrating to download an app just to get a ride home or book a hotel on-the-go. With App Clips, developers can make a small portion of their app available for near-instant use, so users can avoid the installation, sign-in, and onboarding process. In this course, learn how to implement your own App Clips in your iOS apps and help users discover your app while on the move!

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I’m testing on a device in my own App Clip with a gpx location file of my home where I am, and I get:

> The operation couldn’t be completed. (APActivationPayloadErrorDomain error 1.)

My app has location allowed to always.
Cannot figure out whats wrong.

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I figured it out, I had only 5 decimals for my lat + lon location, it needs more to be more accurate. I.e. this works 10.305013650455116 better than 10.30501.

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Hi @mk2019, thanks for your message! I’m glad you figured it out and hope you enjoyed the course.